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Plenty of Southerners love to eat collard greens. But drink them? That’s likely to raise a few eyebrows. Still, says Kelley Sibley, who started juicing everything from greens to fennel to apples and carrots after a health scare, they make a surprisingly delicious more

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Things like pearl powder and ho shou wu might not sound like they belong in your blender, but these powerful add-ins, based on the principles of Eastern medicine and natural remedies, can help make your hair thicker and your skin brighter, says Kelly Sibley, founder of the cold-pressed juice company Bamboo Juices. Here are five of her favorite herbs to try at more

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Bamboo Juices are now available through organic grocery service Garnish and Gather. The Atlanta-based purveyor’s cold-pressed, superfood infused health tonics are made from high-quality organic ingredients, most of which are sourced from Georgia’s Serenbe more

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What is an enjoyable part of mothering children at this stage?

Watching her become more interactive with me everyday. She can now smile and laugh with me, which is so much Fun!

What is a challenge of this stage?

Sleep! I am so tired! My baby is up during the night and up again early in the morning. It’s really hard to work all day on a few hours of more


If the sight of food makes your stomach churn because of last week's overindulgences, you’re not alone. Americans consume more than 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving day. That’s nearly twice the daily dietary requirements. What’s this mean? This week, we’re thinking of eating clean. And while juices seem cliche, Bamboo Juices out of Atlanta is carving out their own unique juice path. Here are seven fun facts about Bamboo more

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“I started making the juices and almond milks in my mom’s kitchen using spices from India, fruits from local farmers, super foods from Asia and a whole host of other ingredients that inspired me and got me excited about health,” Sibley more


Fruits and veggies don’t have nearly the same amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes they did 100 years ago, because our soil has been depleted of so many of its minerals due to our farming practices. In order for us to stay healthy, we MUST compensate! Juicing and super foods are the answer to many health issues more


Atlanta's premier juices and almond milks will now be available through organic, gourmet grocery delivery services. Bamboo Juices, a raw, organic, cold-pressed juice brand in Atlanta, has announced its partnership with local, farm-fresh meal kit and organic grocery service Garnish & Gather. Bamboo Juices' super food infused health tonics will also be available through each more


Just in time for those New Year’s resolutions, Bamboo is making its way onto Atlanta’s juicing scene. The brand collabs with Serenbe chefs to make one-of-a-kind flavor combos like refreshing Basil Watermelon and cleansing more