Fed Ex Orders

All orders outside of our free delivery range are sent via Federal Express. For a complete list of all the areas we offer Free Home delivery see the contact us page of the website.

Plastic Bottles:

Due to labiality reasons, all Fed Ex orders must be shipped in plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are 1oz. larger than our glass bottles to leave room for expansion during the freezing process. The plastic bottles look exactly like our glass except for the slightly larger size.

You may notice the liquid volume in the bottle fall once the product has completely defrosted.

Bamboo is not able to reuse these bottles so please recycle or dispose of them yourself.

Frozen Product:

All Fed Ex orders are placed in a freezer prior to being shipped to ensure they stay cold during the shipment. The process of freezing does not degrade the nutrient content of the juices, almond milks, elixirs and smoothies. You should not freeze your health tonics more than 10 days, so as to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.

Most juices will still be frozen or icy when you receive them. The best way to defrost the product is to place them in your refrigerator. If you wish to consume the product immediately upon arrival, you may drink them as is when they are a little icy. I can assure you they are just as delicious with a little ice!!!

Delivery Time:

Fed Ex orders are processed and delivered as quickly as possible. If you have a specific date/day you would like the order to be delivered, please put a note in the comments box of your order.