bamboo juices

Bamboo is a cold pressed juice company that utilizes organic ingredients and the highest quality products on the market to maximize the nutritional value of each juice. Ingredients and combinations used for each drink are carefully crafted so that each juice, almond milk and elixir shot is more than a drink, but a health tonic.

The idea for an organic, cold pressed juice shop was the manifestation of Bamboo’s CEO, Kelley Sibley's, 15 years of experience studying the diets and cultures of people across six continents. Through her personal experience and studies, she learned there are a few basic principles that enable people to maximize their health and longevity that include a plant-based diet, and eating in moderation. Taking these principles, the idea for Bamboo was born to provide her community dietary options that mimic those of the world’s healthiest people through fresh, delicious health tonics and elixirs.

Nutritionists and other health experts have been encouraging juicing for decades. Today, health conscience women and men are beginning to capitalize on the benefits by consuming juices on a regular basis. With the industry continuing to grow, juice stores are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Bamboo accomplishes this with its unique addition of "super foods." Bamboo serves basic juices to those who comfortable with “old school” juice recipes, but will offer the option of infusing the juice with a “super food” to transform the juice from a drink to a health tonic. Bamboo’s progressive juicing process is the future of the juicing industry!